My way to creativity

Greetings folks!
Sometimes I feel Life is boring and sometimes not.
Sometimes I feel hopeless and sometimes cherish by seeing the faintest ray of hope….


Greetings folks!
Sometimes I feel Life is boring and sometimes not.
Sometimes I feel hopeless and sometimes cherish by seeing  the faintest ray of hope.
Sometimes I feel like aiming high and sometimes not.
So,overall I am a confused sperm.
The only thing I am good at is to look Happy-go-lucky and careless before everyone.
In today’s 21st century world,I often find myself in the midst of a annoying colourless rat race…in which each rat is trying to run past the other by any means and tries to be at the peak of the success.
If you stop to enjoy different colours of life..then you are pushed back by the other runners..subsequently your life becomes black and white.
Let’s not go into all that…as I personally feel I am a very bad runner in such races..he he..
In such cases you fail to find room for creativity…as there is no time left for you to think your heart out…
Therefore I am here to discover myself….:)
Happy blogging to me!♡

It was a dark & stormy night when I decided to let my agony go & welcomed the cool breeze that had some obvious potential to cheer me up unceasingly😇

Drifting Apart


For them you’re just another loser,

One more stroller on the path of failure.

They themselves are the legends, epitomes of success.

Now,they don’t have to handle the shit you possess.

They’ll show you the dustbin, your true place.

Their smirking face will tear you apart,never-less.

Drifting apart is a measure by choice

you’ll have to do it to sustain your poise.

Twisted tales

Imagine,one day a sudden realization strikes that all these days you were  in your own little bobble,that has nothing to do with the real world and it’s ways. The friends you made,the sweet memories that followed,every damn thing you took pride in are now nothing but your over imagination.

Can you take it? I mean rejection in friendships,every damn time.

I’m telling you, it’s worse than a heart break,feels as if the heart is cracking with each beat.There is nothing forth,only a huge mirror in which your own image smirks at you.Mocks you for believing in a fallacy.Helpless,clueless etc. are not the exact words to describe the condition you are in.

The tales that looked straight & simple were actually twisted as the wire of  your ear phones, but you were so blind in your views that you couldn’t get it.

Knowing that the unconditional love & affection you bestowed on your close ones meant little to them,you can easily be friends with depression.Now depression won’t leave you until you want it to do so.Such a loyal friend! The way it is.
Like a bundle of twisted wires it seems there is no end to this.😥

Devil-in me😈

My first ever attempt to pen down a poem..😊
“I thought, I was fine at heart.

Actually, I made me believe that.

Then, I met my devil, my very own

who came alive while I was left alone.

He made me loose my grip,left my soul flipped.

Soon I slipped into a hole, narrow & deep.

It was hard to do the daily shit,

harder to live between heart beats

As he kept achieving his own wicked feats.

What may seem alien to you

became my obsession.

Attaining devil’s queer demands

was my compulsion.

Somehow I made an alliance 

With the devil, craving ballance.

If I have achieved that..

It’s up to you to judge,in fact.”

All rights reserved 😆 Swaraj Samal

New generation dis-ease & it’s symptoms.

Yes,I got ‘symptoms’ that I’m slowly but surely wasting my ‘still-young’ life.

I’m not in a state of complete wellbeing of my physical,mental & social life,anymore. I’m a dis-eased person now.My ease in approaching life seems to be a thing of past.Yes,I got ‘symptoms’ that I’m slowly but surely wasting my ‘still-young’ life.I may be too young to be affected by such self-depleting dis-easiness,but I know I’m not alone.Me along with other vulnerables have three main self ruining ‘symptoms’ listed below—-

1)Constantly reminding ourselves as looser(cuz of wasted opportunities)

2)Calling ourselves a loner (cuz no one really stands by us forever)

3Calling Ourselves a goner (cuz of a feeling that our time is gone & ponderance about the past)

If anyone has a cure to these ‘symptoms’ in order to restore easiness in life,kindly let me know in the comment section.It would be of great help for our dis-eased community to lead a purposeful life.😃

The Melodrama Called ‘Demonetization’👻

Did you know???
The biggest overhyped melodrama of this year-The great Indian #demonetization turns out to be a flop show.Almost 85% of the recalled money has been collected by the banks and by the deadline of 30th dec,it’s expected that the 100% of the recalled notes will be in the banks.So,where has all the ‘black money’ gone??????
Actually,the government was expecting to recover 80% of the recalled notes considering the rest 20% as ‘black money’ and they would never return.The motive was to displace the black money out of the system.But the black money holders have outsmarted the govt by turning their black money into white thanks to Modi’s #happy_new_year_offer.
So all these sufferings of clueless Indians to go in vain.
Final thought-Pink(2000 note) is the new black these days…as you can see in news reports-the black money recovered these days are in the form of new 2k notes.😂
Good night…. #best _wishes

N.B.-The datas are burrowed from the Forbes website

Living Life

Dear earthling,

Do you remember the moment when you got successfuly delivered from your mother’s womb,the time you got officially counted among the living beings?

Obviously,the whole world was cherishing while you prefered to cry instead.But why?

Cuz,you were not habituated with the brand new world you just had entered and that too without direct physical support.Therfore,you immidiately craved for support.:'(😭😭

That’s when your mom and your family comes into being (for you).They take care of you in every aspects till you become habituated with the world and the way it operates.Do they stop supporting you after that?

Definitely no,but the aspects comes down to a few(say financial and emotional aspects) and they eventually shift it upto you to handle.Ultimately the time comes when you are in charge of how you feel and how you mold your future.

More precisely the real life with all it’s colours happens to you.

By the time this picture comes into scene,you are needed to master a few tricks to tighten up the string of support.e.g. friendship,partnership etc. (and relationship nowadays🙈).Lack of which makes you feel lonely,useless and good-for-nothing.Even though you have a strong determination to succeed,then too you are destined to go through these humps which shakes your determination badly.

So better sharpen your axes before life hits you black-and-blue.Keep your answer ready for every tough question life asks through your way to success.

Best of luck for your successful life,ahead!


​Nowadays almost every young-adult bear the burnt of their broken heart.It’s not a surprise as we are living in the midst of a depressing society.

No,I am not talking about the failure in love here but in life itself.

What is love anyway?

Acording to a famous author-‘Love is what your parents give you if you clear the IIT exam or something alike.’

They do love you always even if you become a criminal but it’s the only time when you get an open showcase of parental love.Cuz,they want you to become successful in the eyes of the society too.

So,It’s your rank in the godforsaken competitive exams that ultimately defines your life afterwards.They think it’s your only way to succeed in life.

If you clear it succesfully then it’s your wild card entry to the so called settled and secured life.Even,it can get you a quick aproval from the love of your life(Incase it is love that you want ultimately)

But not everyone succeed,in fact 99% of the total aspirants are destined to fail in these high profile exams and get their wildcard entry to a fucked_up life in return.Then suddenly their world splits leaving them cluless.It only becomes worse when they have to join the streams they have rejected earlier,the same streams they were suggested against so many times.

Obviously,their heat breaks thanks to their break-up with the happy and good-for-everything life they had before.Happiness gets listed in their missing list as they become zombiefied with their broken heart.

No,Not everyone want to live their life king size.But they do have certain dreams that they want to come alive.It’s horrible that no one asks them about what they want,instead others suggest them what they should want.

Please let them live their own life,not confuse it with your dreams.